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Support Brownell through the LPS Foundation Fund for Excellence

The most direct way to support Brownell students financially is through the Brownell Fund for Excellence. This fund has provided more than $13,000 to Brownell students through field trips, classroom celebrations, student emergency needs and more. Help us raise $2,500 this year. Please give at: Thank you!

Classroom Movement Breaks

During the 2015-2016 school year, teachers have been intentionally having students move more.  Through cooperative learning, brain breaks, and stretching exercises, students are getting more movement in during their day.  Some examples might be doing jumping jacks while skip counting, pretending to dribble basketballs while practicing spelling words, having classroom leaders lead fun movements, dance breaks, or organized movement videos such as those found on  Ask your child what movement they did in school today!

Brownell PTO Minutes

Approved at May 2017 Meeting

April 4th

Brownell Cafe

  • Compact/Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy — Finalized
  • Bike Rodeo- working on volunteers (see more below)  
  • Field Day
    • Bounce House $128–Booked.  Waiting on insurance.  
  • Officers- voting in May


  • Secretary’s Report
    • Approved as written
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Several checks out to school and such
    • Various Deposits for candy bars, yearbooks, popcorn, etc.  
    • Chocolate Profit- $1,175.00
    • Current Balance- $10,311.30
    • Credit Card “Machine”– not enough profit– look into possibly discontinuing? 
  • Summer Fun Passes
    • Last year we sold 50
    • Order 100 (Can return unsold portion)
    • Julie making flier for advertising
    • Can pre-sell
  • 5th Grade Celebration
    • Flier ready–will go home
    • Deposit paid
    • Need adult to stay with child (even if it is another parent/neighbor/etc)  
  • Yearbook
    • Grade levels are all together
    • 99 Orders as of today
    • Order 10 Extra books
  • Bike Rodeo
    • Emeala making a separate flyer and email to
    • Sheri has space reserved inside and outside
  • Box Tops
    • Monica will take care of most recent set
  • Kindergarten Orientation
    • May 11th
    • Shauna can talk about budget
  • Final Stampede Family Fun Night –May 23rd
    • Shauna will call for food donations (Sam’s, Super Saver)
    • Games
    • Penguin Pit Stop (Scott and Marsha) –Cotton Candy
    • $2 Per Person
    • Maker Space (Legos, Keva Planks, Magnatiles)
    • Crafts- scraps of paper and stuff
    • Family Photo Booth (Buy some props and set up a background)
      • Cardboard buffalo
    • Popcorn
  • Popcorn
    • Final one in April for the year
    • Not continuing next year
  • Adjourned 6:58pm